What do do after a binge, blow out or heavy weekend! ACR10

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Sometimes you just have to drink for three days, or you accidentally eat two roast dinners but you’re supposed to be doing a cut, or a weight loss transformation! What are you to do?!

1. Do not panic, you did not just add on two dress sizes
2. Do NOT start a juice cleanse!
3. Do NOT starve yourself

This series is the Anti-Chub-Rub Series! I am going to New York in the summer and really want to feel comfortable in my summer clothes. I think beach clothes and being half naked is much more comfortable than wearing denim shorts! I am working to eat 1800 calories a day and to workout or at least do something active every day!

I have been bulking my meals with vegetables, mainly spinach, this is helping me have big meals that are very nutrient dense but have low calorie density.

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