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These are the top 10 questions I have been getting about the Snake Diet since posting my videos on Snake Diet Explained and My 5 Day Hard Dry Fast Experience.

Top 10 Questions
1. How do I start the snake diet? (2:10)
2. Do actually have to drink the “snake juice”? Why not just plain water or add lemons or limes to water when you’re fasting for 24-48 hrs or even for a longer period of time. (5:44)
3. Can you exercise while fasting (wet and dry)? (6:43)
4. Will I lose muscle if I’m fasting and exercise? (8:54)
5. When should I start dry fasting? (11:53)
6. How do I break a dry fast? (13:35)
7. What app do you use? (15:50)
8. Can I drink coffee? (16:21)
9. Can I take vitamins? (19:04)
10. What is my current routine? (20:12)
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