Super Food Porridge Jason Vale Recipe

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There’s porridge and then there’s this beauty! I remember porridge growing up and ti was more ‘Super Bland’ than ‘Super Food’. Oats on their own, even with just hot water, could indeed be classed as a ‘Super Food’ but it tastes a little like cardboard. However, it doesn’t take a great deal to take this classic brekkie to another level on the taste and nutrition front and my lovely Katie, who has more than helped with this book, has made this her own.

The combination of fresh almond milk, almond butter and oats creates a creaminess to die for. whilst the fresh berries and the sweetness you want on top of porridge. The ginger gives a nice unexpected kick, while the seeds provide good fats in abundance. If you haven’t tasted porridge for a while because it’s usually too blah, then may I introduce to you Katie’s Super Food Porridge, you’ll be very pleased you made its acquaintance.

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