New Juicers for 2018 on Display at the Housewares Trade Show

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John from http:/// takes you inside the 2018 Housewares Trade Show to share with you New Juicers and other appliances that allow you to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

In this episode, you will learn about the following products:
01:34 New Omega Slow Juicers
02:44 New Omega High-Speed Juicers
Available Later this year
05:23 New Excalibur Dehydrator RES10
Available from DiscountJuicers later this year
06:26 Magimix Food Processor by Robot-Coup
Available from DiscountJuicers within 2 months
12:38 Tribest Green Star Pro Juicer White
14:33 Tribest DynaPro Vacuum Blender Improvements
17:46 Tribest Personal Vacuum Glass Blender
Available soon
21:03 What I Ate for Breakfast- How to Juice Watermelon in the Green Star Pro
25:33 Kuvings B6000 and C7000 Citrus Attachment
26:59 Kuvings Vacuum Blender White/Silver
27:56 Kuvings EVO820 Slow Juicer
Available June 2018
30:32 Julavie – Cold Press Juicer – Easiest To Use Juicer
Available later this year.
37:02 Closing Thoughts

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