Juice Cleanse 2018 Day 1 | Vlog

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I vloggged Day 1 of our Juice Cleanse!
I thought I would bring you along to show you how I was feeling throughout the day and what the juices were like!
Eddie Og and Noinin had fun playing in the garden and Noinin tried my juice… she wasn’t a fan ha ha
I have lined below the juicer I am using and the 3 Day juice cleanse plan I am following, including recipes and shopping list!

I have just realised that I accidentally cut a piece out at the end where I was saying “I couldn’t end the vlog last night because the camera wasn’t working..’ right before I say “but it’s working now!” lol, just so you don’t think I have completely lost the plot! ha ha

The juicer I bought is the Breville Juice Fountain (I got it cheaper than it is listed here so I would shop around!)

I followed the 3 Day Juice plan from Rebbot with Joe,
it has your shopping list, recipes and 3 Day Plan!


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