Joe Cross: Creating a Juicing Movement | The Fasting Summit

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Joe Cross: Creating a Juicing Movement | The Fasting Summit

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Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and wellness advocate. He is most known for his documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which has been seen be over 30 Million people, in which he tells the story of his 60-day juice fast.

From The Video:
00:00 – The real answer is that I just did something that I did something from within. I searched rather than looking outside for answers, I looked within and I think that’s a powerful lesson that, I have a saying that you don’t learn anything new, you just remember what you’ve forgotten. And, many of us are trapped in this world of addiction on processed food, on animal products, on the sugars, the fats, the salts, the nicotines, the alcohols, the pharmaceutical drugs. We have an epidemic of addiction that is going on and a lot of that addiction is caused because people really don’t know, not because they don’t know, they don’t know how to engage with Mother Nature again.

I think one of the biggest powers of fasting, one of the most powerful tools of it, is it’s really supercharges people’s ability to get started. Because it’s like we are just making drastic action. We are taking drastic action and we are going from one direction to the other direction, like that.

If you take that analogy and put that inside your stomach, inside your gut, there’s no light on in there. It’s dark. So, when the juice comes down, it’s like, hold on a second, this is water. We don’t need to activate all these enzymes to break down and strip away the nutrients from the fibre and put that fibre in a package and send that out to the bowel, and take these nutrients. None of that’s required. This is rapid, immediate absorption because it’s already, you think about the juicer as sort of, we’ve outsourced the digestion to the machine. So, this is the power of juice fasting in that we are tricking the body using modern day technology to trick the body into thinking it’s drinking water.

So, that’s why you get all those benefits I just talked about, but you still get the benefits of the nutrients. So, you still get the sugars that are in the natural sugars that for example, this juice has apple in it so, we’ve taken some apple. It’s got cucumber and celery, it’s got silverbeet, it’s got lemon, it’s got ginger. All of these incredible nutrients that Mother Nature, through the power of the sun, through the soil, through the atmosphere, through the water that’s fallen from the clouds, that has grown this magnificent stick of celery, say. All of that nutrition, we have just taken it all.

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