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Order at – Zuma Green Juice is the quick, simple, tasty way to boost your immune system… give you energy… and help you feel fantastic.

Every single ingredient in this power-packed formula has been carefully chosen to give you the maximum health effect.

We start with organic fruits, vegetables, and greens and we juice them to extract the good stuff. Then the juice is carefully dried at low temperatures to preserve all the nutrients. Next we combine all that goodness with a few natural herbs and enzymes. And finally we flavor it with organic mint, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Then what you’ve got is this beautiful nutrient dense green powder. Mix one packet in 10 ounces of cold water and you get an instant green juice bursting with greens, fruits, vegetables, enzymes, and all kinds of nature’s goodies… without the mess, hassle, and expense of traditional juicing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… with all that healthy stuff in it… how’s it taste?

That’s the best part, Zuma Green Juice™ tastes great. People tell us every day it’s the best tasting instant green drink they’ve ever had.

Even kids love it (yes, even normal pizza-loving kids).

We all know we should be eating healthier… Zuma Juice is a great way to fill in the gaps in your nutrition.

The great thing is… you won’t have to choke it down… because it tastes so good you’ll forget it’s healthy.

Go ahead and order some now at

Your body is gonna love you for it… we promise.

This video was created and produced by Ackermania Creative

Writer/Director: Joel Ackerman
Producers: Julene Morgan, Jay P. Morgan, Matt Ackerman
Director of Photography: Jay P. Morgan
Set Design: Julene Morgan
Zuma Juice Girl: Ariana Escalante
Other Juicer: Miranda Parham


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