Healing My Hypothyroidism, Asthma & Hashimotos Story! 20 Day Juice Detox Cleanse

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Healing My Hypothyroidism, Asthma, & Hashimotos with a 20 day juice cleanse detox
Today I start my 20 Day detox juice cleanse adventure to begin healing hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. This is going to be a super hard juice detox but from all of the research juicing has so many healing properties. I am hoping to get off all of my medication by cleaning up my diet and detoxing the years of crap my body has held on to in my organs. This detox juice cleanse won’t be easy but I am excited to share with you weekly how I am doing and if I was able to improve on my medical issues.

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TED Talk on Juicing: https://goo.gl/oyiZtz

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Draw My Life: https://goo.gl/e7cDNH
Our Big Announcement: https://goo.gl/NY2GH9
Live Birth of My Son: https://goo.gl/aarYyl
Why We are Adopting: https://goo.gl/Kv4yl4

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