Gond Katira | Gond Katira Sharbat Recipe | Lemon Juice With Gond Katira

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Cooling & refreshing, Gond Katira sharbat is a boon in the hot summer season. Drink it everyday in the morning.

Gond katira or Tragacanth is a gum that naturally exudes from the stems & roots of the shrub Astralagus gummifer. This gum is collected & dried. It swells and becomes a jelly like substance when soaked in water for some hours.

When soaked in water and consumed it provides relief from heat & protection against heat stroke. Besides this, it reduces constipation, ant type of sexual inadequacy and tumors.

The combination of lemon juice & gond katira benefits doubly in that:
it boosts immunity, reduces urinary inflammation & calms the urinary muscles at the same time reducing acidity & uric acid deposits in the joints, reduces constipation, detoxifies the body, purifies the blood & improves skin health

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Ingredients (1 glass/250 ml)
2.5 tbsp fluffy gond katira (soak 1 tsp of gond katira in a bowl of water for 5-6 hours, then strain out the water)
1.5 tbsp/4 tsp powdered sugar
1/2 glass chilled water
1/4 tsp roasted jeera powder
1/4 tsp or less kala namak/black salt
lemon 1 big or 1.5 small for juicing
crushed ice to top up

1. add sugar, roasted jeera powder, black salt, lemon juice & gond katira to 1/2 glass chilled water
2. stir till sugar dissolves
3. top up with ice cubes, stir well & serve

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