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Hey guys so I’ve been making these ginger shots for a month now and have finally found a recipe that works. Let me know If you guys try it out! The recipe is down below!!!

A good website that goes into more details about the benefits:

Amazon glass bottles:

-4-5 lemons fills about 10 2oz bottles
-5 tsp Turmeric
-5 tsp Cayenne Pepper
-Ginger root (the amount depends on how potent you want the shot to be)

First you want to squeeze the lemons to get the lemon juice. Fill each glass jar (should fill about 10, give or take) one third of the way. Next grate a piece of ginger root, the amount depends on how potent you want the shots to be! After grating the ginger root you want to add that to two cups of water and bring that to a boil. After letting the mixture cool, blend it down so the ginger piece are smaller. Next, add 5 tsp of turmeric and 5 tsp of cayenne pepper. Mix and then add to the lemon mixture. Shake well! ALL DONE 🙂

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