Basil Lush Jason Vale Smoothie Recipe

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You won’t often see Basil making its way into a Juice Master Smoothie, but there is a first time for everything, and once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be glad it did!

1 small Pineapple
1 peeled Lime
1 small ripe, peeled & pitted Mango
4 sprigs of Fresh Basil (just the leaves)
3 tbsp’s of Natural Yoghurt
1 small handful of Ice

Peel the lime, leaving as much of the white pith as possible – it’s where most of the nutrients are. Juice the pineapple (no need to peel if yo have a good juicer) and lime. Carefully slice the mango just off-centre down both sides, avoiding the large stone inside, then scoop out the flesh from the skin and add to the blender. Add the basil, yoghurt (if you are a Vegan, just leave this out or use Soya Yoghurt) and ice, then blend until smooth!

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